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Since 2006, ChoiceSpine has launched new spinal products and solutions, re-launched existing products, and developed countless valuable partnerships with distributors and surgeons. From cervical products to interbody fusion and lateral systems, the goal has always remained the same: improved patient outcomes and surgeon satisfaction.

Like the rest of the team at ChoiceSpine, Senior Director of Thoracolumbar Marketing, Ron Moore, understands the need for innovative products and solutions that help propel spinal surgery into the future. As a result of their company-wide commitment to innovation, ChoiceSpine’s spinal solutions have allowed Ron and the rest of the team to consistently reach new goals and keep patients safe and surgeons happy.

Looking Back Before Looking Ahead

Excited to be kicking off a new decade with innovation top-of-mind, the ChoiceSpine team always makes sure to pause and appreciate how far they’ve already come together.

In 2019, ChoiceSpine released their Hawkeye™ TI Static VBR Implant for cervical corpectomy cases, launched cutting-edge implants like Boomerang™ and Tiger Shark C™, attended the annual NASS conference, and partnered with the non-profit Smoky Mountain Service Dogs (SMSD) to improve the lives of wounded veterans with a portion of their Biologics proceeds.

The team also used this past year as an opportunity to dive deeper into additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) in their product development process. This newer form of manufacturing was used in the production of Tiger Shark’s™ portfolio and Hawkeye™ TI, and has allowed ChoiceSpine engineers to implement features that weren’t previously possible, such as fully-porous structures and designs for improved implant performance.

Currently leading Thoracolumbar product marketing, Ron notes that he has “always admired the work the ChoiceSpine team does— especially over the past few years. Even before joining the team, I watched as this company built a solid reputation on their continued commitment to developing the market’s next great product or solution.”

“It’s rewarding to be part of a team that constantly launches new and exciting technology. We’re fortunate enough to work with surgeons that are at the top of their field and even more fortunate to get to help patients enjoy life again with dynamic spinal solutions.”

– Ron Moore

The Future of ChoiceSpine

In addition to an unwavering focus on innovation, ChoiceSpine has also built their reputation on collaboration and respect among team members. These two pillars of the company’s internal culture are largely responsible for drawing in top talent, such as Ron, who has over 25 years of experience in spinal sales and marketing.

In 2020 and beyond, the team’s focus will remain on collaboration under the concept OneChoice, which is their way of saying, “none of us are as good as all of us.” They have plans to continue leading the way and are committed to always staying ahead of market trends and providing surgeons with dynamic solutions, the team also plans to thrive internally under their company mantra, PART B (Positive Attitude, Accountability, Responsiveness, Trustworthiness, and Being a Team Player).

It’s clear that there is much more to ChoiceSpine than a robust pipeline of products, processes, and people. The team’s unique outlook on internal and external collaboration is a driving force behind their company culture that extends to their products, solutions, and partnerships.

About ChoiceSpine

ChoiceSpine offers a full regenerative and osteobiologics portfolio including synthetics, DBM’s, structural allograft, and amnion allografts. With cutting edge technologies like our Veo™ VLIF lateral fusion system, 3D-printed additive manufacturing, and the incorporation of our impregnated Hydroxyapatite (HA) PEEK® interbodies, ChoiceSpine is committed to always staying ahead of market trends and providing surgeons with dynamic solutions for their patients.

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