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Putting You (and Your Patients) First

At ChoiceSpine, we believe in the power of superior customer service. We believe in the power of collaboration with other future-minded individuals and teams. But above all else, we believe in the power of exceptional spinal surgery solutions for our partners and...

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Creating a Superior Cervical Cage: Tiger Shark™ C

ChoiceSpine™ continues reaping the benefits of additive manufacturing with the recent release of Tiger Shark™ C, an additively manufactured Anterior Cervical Spacer that is stronger and more adaptive than other titanium implants. The 501(k) cleared device...

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Tiger Shark™ and Boomerang™ Clearance

ChoiceSpine LLC Granted FDA Clearance for Two New Cervical Spinal Fusion Devices TIGER SHARK™ C Cervical Interbody and BOOMERANG™ Anterior Cervical Plate are set to enter the robust spinal implant market. ChoiceSpine LLC, a privately-held spinal device...

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Hawkeye™ Ti Cervical Clearance

ChoiceSpine™ Granted Expanded FDA Clearance for HAWKEYE™ Ti VBR DeviceThe latest HAWKEYE Ti clearance expands the 3D Printed, Titanium VBR device indication to cover all spinal segments.ChoiceSpine LLC, a privately-held spinal device manufacturer based in...

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