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Our surgeon partners are in constant communication with the ChoiceSpine research and development team. With the best patient outcome in mind, collaboratively we go to work to provide a solution that consistently meets their needs in the operating room.

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Hands-on Experience

Being able to learn in a cadaveric environment provides surgeons the closest simulation to spine surgery on a live patient. At Choice we value these teaching experiences and provide numerous opportunities to test and evaluate our products in these settings.


ChoiceSpine in conjunction with our educational platform ChoiceSpine University, offers live surgical preceptorship training. This is an excellent opportunity in learning first hand from another surgeon intraoperatively on how to best utilize ChoiceSpine solutions to treat their patients.

Surgeon Advisory Panels

In an ever-changing medical device market, we strive to stay ahead of financial and technological curves in spinal care. Our Surgeon Advisory Panels work with us to give keen insight on the upcoming trends and innovation so that we are always delivering the best in patient care.

Be a Part of Product Development

Each product that we create here at ChoiceSpine is designed with countless hours in conjunction with our surgeon design teams. Our number one goal is achieving outstanding patient outcomes. The surgeon design teams help guide and shape that goal.

Choice offers innovative, dynamic, surgeon focused systems designed with the best clinical outcomes in mind, built in partnership with surgeon panels.

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Lateral Systems­

Vertebral Body Replacement (VBR)

SI Fixation­

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