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Hawkeye TI is changing the game for cervical corpectomy cases. With its 510(k) cervical clearing, 8° lordosis, and multiple footprints corpectomy cases are now more efficient than ever. Hawkeye TI is getting surgeons and patients out of the operating room and on the road to recovery faster and more efficiently.

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510(k) cleared for
cervical use
3D additively
8° lordosis


Built in lordosis: 8°

14-60mm implant sizes in 2mm increments

Two footprint options: small (12×14) and medium (14×16) to treat various patient anatomies

Large center opening for packing bone graft material

Lateral windows for implant positioning, verification and confirmation of the fusion process over time

Surgeon friendly instrumentation to simplify the procedure

ChoiceSpine’s lead designer of Hawkeye TI, David Hannah, talks about how this static VBR implant is advancing cervical cases, making it more efficient for surgeons and patients.

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