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ChoiceSpine is more than a comprehensive spinal device manufacturer. We’re a team that understands the importance of adaptability in product design and development.

Imagine spinal surgery without adaptable products… Imagine implants that only fit certain anatomies… Though a simple concept, it’s true that no two people are identical, meaning one size does not fit all when it comes to spinal implants.

Adaptability From Day One

ChoiceSpine is actively evolving in research and development due to the advancements in medical technology. Senior Manager of Research & Development (R&D), Jayden Garfield, reflects on ChoiceSpine’s steps to product design and how adaptability fits into the proven process…

“Product development begins with our marketing and executive teams,” Jayden shares. “They speak with industry partners about unmet market needs, market trends, competitive analysis, and work to implement new technology.”

Jayden continues to share that the project then takes shape as select surgeons are brought in to discuss clinical research and provide further input.

“It can feel iterative, but the evaluation, refinement, and testing phases of a new project are critical in developing adaptable products. It takes time to bring an innovative, versatile product to market.”

Seeing the Benefits Firsthand

During the conception and research phase, ChoiceSpine product engineers also need to be prepared to adapt during initial product design. During the development process, there can be multiple iterations to achieve the best solution. Once a final design is selected, produced, and fully validated, it is launched for clinical use.

The first time we get to see patients and surgeons benefit from new products firsthand is a rewarding part of the development process. With many different sizes and implant options available, patients and surgeons often benefit in their own unique ways.

ChoiceSpine product systems provide a large range of implants and instruments for surgeons. This helps in real-time during procedures, when surgeons need products that bend or shape to a unique configuration that’s specifically suited to their patient. The flexibility these systems offer is a great example of how adaptability in product design helps to improve surgery for all involved.

The Recovery Period Made Easier

As a key leader on ChoiceSpine’s R&D team, Jayden knows adaptable implants lead to better functional performance during recovery. 

“With correct sizing and more flexible configuration during surgery, procedures will require less time and the patient doesn’t have to be under anesthesia as long. There are also less complications during surgery with adaptable implants, which results in a faster and easier recovery process for the patient,” says Jayden.

For the surgeon, it all comes down to reducing time and reducing complexity. Make it fast, simple, and reliable. This is ChoiceSpine’s main reason for incorporating adaptability and flexible configurations into product design. Giving surgeons their choice of instruments and implants to use in surgery, flexible configurations also lead to improved outcomes and better patient care. Instead of trying to get the patient’s anatomy to match the implant, surgeons are able to tailor each implant to the patient and reduce overall surgery time as a result.

ChoiceSpine Cares for Your Patients

The recovery period is a huge part of patient care in the medical field, and we’re serious about our commitment to improving it with adaptable product design. Our veteran design engineers and product developers work hard to bring products to life and help surgeons give their patients the best possible outcomes.

On a mission to propel spinal surgery with dynamic solutions, we’re committed to innovating and improving product design. Because helping surgeons achieve better outcomes, improving safety, easing recovery, and lowering time in the O.R. are just a few of our everyday goals.

Every patient deserves the highest quality care and best products available. With a robust product offering, ChoiceSpine has the solutions you need!

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