AMBASSADOR™ | Anterior Cervical Plate System


Anterior Cervical Plate System

The Ambassador Anterior Cervical Plate system is a versatile system of implants and instruments with a variety of sizes to provide optimal anatomic compatibility. The integrated cam restricts the motion of the screws and is designed to allow settling in the sagittal plane.

Ambassador features a thin (1.9mm) and narrow (16mm at the widest point) plate profile. The system includes 4.0mm and 4.5mm color-coded screws, variable angle screws and fixed angle screws.


Versatility, variety, and optimal anatomic compatibility

amb screws - AMBASSADOR®

Screw Features

4.0mm and 4.5mm Screws
  • Color coded screws to easily identify diameter and style
Variable Angle Screws
  • Cephalad/caudal -20° range of motion with 5° offset
  • Medial/lateral -15° range of motion with 5° offset
Fixed Angle Screws
  • Optimized screw purchase
  • Cephalad/caudal – offset of 5°
  • Medial/lateral – offset of 5°

Plate Features

  • Hybrid Anterior Cervical Plate allows for variable and fixed constructs
  • Thin 1.9mm plate profile
  • Plate curvature allows for a fit with the natural lordosis of the spine
  • Large window for optimal visualization
  • Optimized screw purchase
  • Narrow plate profile – 16mm at widest point
  • Cam designed to control settling in sagittal plane and reduce motion in all other planes
amb plate - AMBASSADOR®

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