ASCENDANT™ | Anterior Cervical Spacer


Anterior Cervical Spacer

Ascendant Anterior Cervical Spacer System is a PEEK spacer system featuring an optimized graft chamber window with multiple footprints and heights. Ascendant PC features a plasma sprayed Titanium coating designed to create a bone friendly environment

Ascendant PC Title 3 - ASCENDANT®

Versatility, Variety, and Optimal Anatomic Compatibility

ascendant features - ASCENDANT®

Key Features

  • PEEK-OPTIMA® for biocompatibility and radiolucency
  • Two footprints: 12Dx14W & 14Dx16W
  • Three sagittal profiles: 6° lordotic, parallel, and convex
  • Heights from 4mm to 12mm
  • Optimized graft chamber
  • Sterile packaged to ensure product quality
  • Threaded opening in the posterior section of the spacer for removal if necessary
  • Angular teeth designed to prevent spacer migration
  • Titanium coating on endplates and side walls designed to create a bone friendly environment

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