SPONGE | 100% Demineralized Cancellous Bone


100% Demineralized Cancellous Bone

STRATOFUSE® Sponge is a compressible matrix derived from 100% allograft bone. It is processed using a proprietary method that maintains the interconnected structure of trabecular bone in a manner that preserves native bone morphogenic proteins. The clinician may hydrate it with the patient’s own stem cells, BMA, growth factors, PRP, or other cellular components in accordance with the physician’s medical judgment.

Each lot is tested in-vivo

Features & Benefits

  • Osteoinductive: each lot is tested in-vivo
  • Osteoconductive
  • Ambient storage and shipping temperatures
  • Resists migration
  • Hydrates in minutes
  • Five year shelf life
  • Sterile: SAL 10-6
Item # Description  
BA30-101010 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 10x20x10mm
BA30-121212 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 12x12x12mm
BA30-141414 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 14x14x14mm
BA30-501007 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 50x10x07mm
BA30-502007 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 50x20x07mm
BA30-261907 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 26x19x07mm
BA30-201010 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 20x10x10mm
BA30-500705 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 50x07x05mm
BA30-201507 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 20x15x07mm
BA30-251007 STRATOFUSE® Sponge 25x10x07mm



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