FIBER PUTTY | 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix


100% Demineralized Bone Matrix

STRATOFUSE® Fiber Putty is a unique and versatile bone void filler comprised of 100% demineralized allograft bone with cortical fibers woven in, offering surgeons superior handling characteristics.

High staying power to resist irrigation

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Demineralized allograft bone, no carrier
  • Formable and irrigation resistant
  • Osteoconductive
  • Osteoinductive potential
  • Sterile: SAL 10-6
Item # Description  
BA21-000001 STRATOFUSE® Fiber Putty 1.0cc
BA21-000002 STRATOFUSE® Fiber Putty 2.5cc
BA21-000005 STRATOFUSE® Fiber Putty 5.0cc
BA21-000010 STRATOFUSE® Fiber Putty 10cc


Product Information

STRATOFUSE® Fiber Putty provides superior handling over traditional putty due to the fibrous connection and a proprietary allograft carrier. It is also formable and flowable, but resists irrigation. A unique processing method eliminates the need for extrinsic organic carriers that have no bioactivity or biological function while also preserving and exposing endogenous growth factors found in bone. Cortical fibers increase the surface area available for cellular attachment and proliferation potential, providing an excellent bone grafting option for surgeons.


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