PROLIANT™ Pedicle Screw System


Pedicle Screw System

The Proliant™ System is designed to provide secure fixation of the thoracolumbar spine while improving surgeon speed and ease-of-use. The low-profile design features a secure interlocking mechanism that stabilizes the construct, while Tightlok™ thread technology is designed to reduce screw pullout. Simple instrumentation and dual-lead thread design increase speed-of screw insertion, and the easy set Polyaxial Tulip Head allows surgeons to easily position the tulip head for rod insertion.

proliant - PROLIANT®

The new standard for simplicity, speed, and security in spinal fixation

proliant features - PROLIANT®

Key Features

  • EZ Set Polyaxial Tulip Head
  • Universal Tulip Head
  • Low-profile Design and Maximum Range of Motion
  • Tensioned Saddle Insert
  • Square Threads
  • Retaining Screwdriver
  • Double-Ended Set Screwdriver

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