Tigershark™ L | ChoiceSpine


3D Printed Titanium
Lumbar Lateral Spacer

ChoiceSpine’s TigerShark™ L is a 3D printed titanium interbody designed to simplify spinal surgery with many different size offerings to accommodate patient anatomies. Created with BioBond™, a proprietary organic porous structure, this lateral lumbar spacer system has a generous graft window and smooth bullet-shaped distal surface that helps improve implant insertion speed and control.

Advanced technology designed to enhance bone growth and help promote fusion


  • BioBond 3D printed titanium matrix
  • Built in 0°, 6°, and 12° lordosis
  • Various heights: 6-13mm in 1mm increments for each footprint
  • Large center opening for packing bone graft material
  • Surgeon friendly instrumentation to simplify the procedure

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