SABRE™ Spinal Stabilization System


Spinal Stabilization System

The ideal option for surgeons performing spinal stabilization through lumbar interbody spinal fusion. This unique design is made from a PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio® and is available in various heights and lengths to accommodate a variety of patient anatomies.

The unique shape and varying sizes offered also allows the lumbar fusion devices to be used in PLIF and TLIF procedures to accommodate a variety of patient disc space geometries.

sabre - SABRE™

A transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion spacer system

sabre top angled - SABRE™
Top Angled
sabre top - SABRE™
sabre side - SABRE™
sabre back - SABRE™
sabre arial - SABRE™

Key Features

  • Self-distracting nose for ease of insertion
  • Asymmetric teeth for optimizing endplate engagement
  • Large graft window for more bone graft volume

Please note that the spacer pictures above are intended to provide the location and relationship of the tantalum X-ray markers within each device. These illustrations are not intended to mimic or depict an intraoperative radiograph.

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