TOMCAT™ Cervical Spinal System


Stand-Alone Cervical Spinal System

The TOMCAT™ Cervical Spinal System is designed to stabilize the cervical vertebral column as an adjunct to fusion of vertebral bodies. The TOMCAT implant is made of PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced from Invibio, and the system provides an alternative to the traditional plate and screw anterior cervical fusion that involves placement of separate fixation and interbody devices. The combination of a cervical interbody and plate offers one dynamic solution.

Multiple problems, one solution

Features & Benefits

  • Early bone apposition with PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced
  • Simplified & modular instrumentation
  • Self-locking retention clip
  • Hybrid device offered to eliminate difficult screw trajectories
  • Two Sizes: 14x12mm and 16x14mm
  • Standard Heights: 6mm – 10mm
  • Standard lordosis zero profile 4° & 8°
  • Standard lordosis hybrid profile 4°

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