BLACKBIRD™ | Posterior Spinal Fixation System


Posterior Cervical-Thoracic Fixation System

The ChoiceSpine BLACKBIRD™ Spinal System is a posterior spinal fixation system composed of 3.5mm & 4.0mm polyaxial screw in 10-32mm lengths in 2mm increments as well as 4.5mm polyaxial screws ranging from 18-32mm lengths in 2mm increments. Also available are 3.5mm smooth shank polyaxial screws. Standard rod options are 3.5mm straight, pre-bent, and transition.

Connectors include Rod to Rod, Lateral Offset, and Rod Transition Connectors. Multiple Hook sizes are included.

Connecting cervical to thoracic with ease

System Features

Polyaxial Head
  • Non-biased 70° of conical angulation
Multiple Screw Options
  • 3 diameters, fully threaded and smooth shank
Dovetail Set Screw
  • Minimizes head splaying and cross-threading
Variety of Connectors
  • Allows for variations in anatomy and technique
Rod to Rod Connectors
  • LT30-R3035: S(30-35mm)
  • LT30-R3444: M(34-44mm)
  • LT30-R4358: L(43-58mm)
  • LT30-H05: 5mm
  • LT30-H06: 6mm
Inline Connectors
  • LT35-C35551: Ø3.5 – Ø5.5 for Blackbird to any Ø5.5 system (Lancer™)
  • LT30-C35601: Ø3.5 – Ø6.0 for Blackbird to any Ø6.0 system (Starfire™ optional)
Lateral Connectors
  • LT30-SL14: 14mm
  • LT30-SL16: 16mm
  • LT30-SL18: 18mm
  • LT30-SL20: 20mm
  • Ø3.5mm Straight
  • Ø3.5mm Pre-bent
  • Ø3.5 – Ø5.5mm Transition

*Optional Cobalt Rods Available

Domino Connectors
  • LT35-C35552: Ø3.5 – Ø5.5 for Blackbird to any Ø5.5 system (Lancer™)
  • LT30-C35603: Ø3.5 – Ø6.0 for Blackbird to any Ø6.0 system (Starfire™)

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