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HA/TCP Collagen Strip

STRATOFUSE® Strip is a synthetic bone graft composed of purified fibrillar collagen and resorbable ceramic granules. The granules contain 60% Hydroxyapatite (HA) and 40% ß-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) to optimize resorption characteristics. After it is implanted, STRATOFUSE™ Strip resorbs and is replaced by natural bone.

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Versatility, variety, and optimal healing

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Features & Benefits

  • StripSynthetic Bone Graft (HA/TCP and collagen)
  • Biocompatible and Bioresorbable
  • Osteoconductive Scaffold
  • Excellent wicking properties that distribute fluids evenly
  • Three year shelf life
  • Sterile: SAL 10-6

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Product Information

The 60% HA, 40% TCP blend used in our synthetic products was selected based on studies suggesting that this ratio resorbs at a rate that is highly efficient and effective in spinal procedures. This makes the STRATO-FUSE Strip ideal for use in spinal procedures, providing support and an osteoconductive surface to start the fusion process, and biodegrading after its job is complete. The native conformation of the Strip makes it perfect for use in posterolateral gutter procedures.

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