HA/TCP PUTTY | Synthetic Bone Graft Putty


STRATOFUSE HA/TCP Putty is a synthetic bone graft composed of purified fibrillar collagen and resorbable ceramic granules. The granules are made of 60% hydroxyapatite (HA) and 40% β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) for optimal bone healing characteristics1,2. STRATOFUSE HA/TCP Putty provides a supportive, osteoconductive environment with enhanced cellular responses, making it advantageous for spinal fusion.

Multiple sizes to match surgical need minimizing product waste

Features & Benefits

  • Synthetic bone graft (60%HA / 40%ß-TCP and collagen)
  • HA/ß-TCP ratio supports production of better fusion mass
  • Collagen improves cellular attachment properties
  • Moldable and irrigation resistant
  • Biocompatible and bioresorbable
  • Two year shelf life
  • Sterile: SAL 10-6
Item # Descritpion Size
BA44-000001  STRATOFUSE® HA/TCP Putty 1.0cc
BA44-000005  STRATOFUSE® HA/TCP Putty 5cc
BA44-000010  STRATOFUSE® HA/TCP Putty 10cc


The 60% HA, 40% β-TCP, and collagen blend used in our products was selected based on clinical evidence suggesting it is highly efficient and effective in spinal procedures. Grafts with a higher HA to β-TCP ratio form a stable environment that supports the formation of new bone, resulting in significantly higher fusion mass1. Improved cellular attachment properties and increasedosteoblastic responses are associated with grafts that include collagen2. These characteristics lead to excellent fusion, making STRATOFUSE HA/TCP Putty ideal for spinal fusion.


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