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Hinged Laminoplasty System

The ChoiceSpine Blackbird Hinged Laminoplasty System (HLS) design eliminates fitting plates through trial and error bending, and allows the contralateral plate to be placed prior to elevating the lamina. The spacer is pre-tapped to provide a more secure plate connection over similar allograft, and the lamina contact ends are grit blasted for high performance grip. The Blackbird HLS system provides a comprehensive, innovative solution to laminoplasty.

Comprehensive, innovative solution to laminoplasty

Plate Features

  • Hinged Allograft Plate: 4-14 mm (2 mm inc)
  • Hinged Hook and Kickstand Plate: 6-14 mm (2 mm inc)
  • Hinged Plate: One Size
  • Hinged Desing to conform to exact anatomical geometry
  • Hinge design fits range of laminar thicknesses

Spacer Features

  • Titanium Spacer: 4-14 mm (2 mm inc)
  • Tapped thread on spacer provides better lock to plate than similar allograft
  • Grit blasted for high performance grip

Screw Features

  • 4.0mm and 4.5mm Screws
  • Ø2.4 mm Self-Drilling Screws: 4-12 mm (2 mm inc)
  •  Ø2.4 mm Self-Tapping Screws: 4-12 mm (2 mm inc)
  • Ø2.8 mm Rescue Screws: 4-12 mm (2 mm inc)
  • Screws thread lock to screw driver for secure implantation

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