GIBRALT™ Spinal System


Cervical-Thoracic Spinal System

The GIBRALT Spinal System is a comprehensive solution for posterior stabilization and fusion of the cervical and thoracic spine. Offering exceptional versatility and ease-of-use, the GIBRALT Spinal System features top-loading polyaxial screws, hooks, offset connectors, rod-to-rod connectors, and occipital plates which can be constructed into a multitude of configurations based on individual patient anatomy.

Comprehensive Posterior Fixation

Occipital Plate, Screws, & Rod
  • Allows for occipital midline fixation
  • Two sizes of occipital plate with medial lateral adaptability from 25-35mm and 35-45mm
  • 4mm diameter Screws with lengths 6mm to 16mm
  • 3.5mm rod diameter
  • 360° flexibility in positioning
  • A simple torque-limiting driver to secure rod position
  • Low-profile cross connector that is easy-to-use and bridges rod distances from 22mm to 52mm
  • Off-set connectors are available in 12mm and 15mm lengths
  • Unique hook design provides secure bone purchase without impinging into the canal
  • Straight, angled, and off-set hook configurations

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