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ChoiceSpine™ continues reaping the benefits of additive manufacturing with the recent release of Tiger Shark™ C, an additively manufactured Anterior Cervical Spacer that is stronger and more adaptive than other titanium implants. The 501(k) cleared device is expected to significantly improve results for cervical spinal surgeons and quicken recovery
times for Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) patients.

The Development Process

The development of Tiger Shark™ C started with a simple goal — to create the best cervical cage on the market using additive manufacturing. Achieving this involved heavy collaboration between engineers and surgeons to create a device that overcame prior limitations while also being feasible to create.

“The engineering and surgeon design team brainstormed concepts to address pain-points with existing devices and introduce novel device features to create a next generation product,” said Abe Perryman, R&D Engineer at ChoiceSpine and lead designer of Tiger Shark™ C. “During each phase of development—design, concept selection, testing, FDA submission, and launch—the goal to create a superior cervical cage drove the decision making process.”

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Titanium Alloy with BioBond™ Technology

Unlike plastic cervical cages, Tiger Shark™ C is additively manufactured from a titanium alloy (Ti-6AI-4V ELI), a material with known biocompatibility. This titanium alloy promotes bony ingrowth, providing fusion of the cervical spine, unlike comparable PEEK devices. In addition to the titanium alloy structure, the cage utilizes ChoiceSpine’s proprietary BioBond™
endplates which feature an organic lattice structure that provides an osteoconductive surface for bony ingrowth. Thanks to additive manufacturing, Tiger Shark™ C also features continuous porosity from endplate to endplate, allowing fusion of the cervical spine both to and through the cage rather than dead-ending at the endplates. The ability to promote bony ingrowth to and through the cage makes Tiger Shark™ C a first of its kind.

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Shape & Functionality

The external footprint of Tiger Shark™ C was designed to closely match patient anatomy while also restoring lordosis. The 6° lordotic cage is available in 12x14mm and 14x16mm footprints, with heights ranging from 5-10mm in 1mm increments. The device features rounded corners to prevent uneven loading caused by sharp corners, and a cored out graft chamber that allows for maximum graft placement. The cervical cage also combats the radiographic issues associated with titanium—the cored out chamber and continuous porosity minimize the implant’s density and mimic bone porosity, allowing for superior
visibility under fluoroscopy.

Instrumentation & Resources

Tiger Shark™ C was designed to support simple, intuitive instrumentation that yields a hassle-free experience and quick integration with a cervical plate. The cage comes with a simple threaded inserter that makes implantation easier, double-sided trials that allow for quick trialing, along with a rasp and a tamp. Additional supporting instruments are available
upon request.

Tiger Shark™ C also comes with a surgical technique guide for directions on use, a full product course at the ChoiceSpine University website, and on-call engineering support for all customers. Distributors of ChoiceSpine products will also receive access to a sales guide that comprehensively covers all essential information needed for success with Tiger Shark™ C.

Visit to learn more about how this streamlined, fluoro-friendly, osteoconductive cervical cage is improving results and lives.

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