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When Innovation Calls, ChoiceSpine Answers

The release of Hawkeye™ TI not only enhances ChoiceSpine’s portfolio of innovative devices, but also helps put patients on a quicker road to recovery. The 510(k) cleared static VBR implant advances cervical corpectomy cases by saving surgeons time and getting patients out of the operating room and back to living their best life faster than ever before.

“Hawkeye TI was developed as an answer to the corpectomy market that lacked a device with a built-in lordotic curve and familiar footprint,” said David Hannah, ChoiceSpine’s lead designer of Hawkeye TI. “With its unique geometry, Hawkeye TI is fulfilling the desire for seamless sagittal rebalance.”

Enhancing Design & Improving Cases

All aspects of Hawkeye TI were designed to improve cervical corpectomy cases. The device is an additive manufactured titanium alloy implant with a trapezoidal footprint shape and built-in lordotic curvature. This enhanced design involves 3D printing, which can’t be replicated with traditional methods — meaning our design is truly one of a kind.

Hawkeye TI 300x195 - ChoiceSpine Advances Cervical Corpectomy Cases with Release of Hawkeye™ TI  Static VBR Implant

The osteoconductive microstructure texture was designed to better support bone adhesion and includes a solid posterior wall to protect the spinal cord.

Additionally, this design is the first additively manufactured device from ChoiceSpine and is opening the door to new device designs that weren’t previously possible (so stay tuned).

Simplifying Surgery for You and Your Patients

Anatomy varies from patient to patient, which is why our implant is available in two different footprint options (12mm x 14mm and 14mm x 16mm). With heights ranging from 14mm to 60mm in 2mm increments, Hawkeye TI was designed to simplify surgery by adapting to your patient’s body.

Hawkeye TI Footprints 300x169 - ChoiceSpine Advances Cervical Corpectomy Cases with Release of Hawkeye™ TI  Static VBR Implant

The set includes supporting instruments such as an inserter, tamp, calipers, insertion ramp, trials, and rasp to help streamline the procedure and provide the best possible outcome for your patient.

Have You Heard the Hawkeye Hype?

With innovation, comes industry hype… and for good reason! ChoiceSpine has already seen proven success with the use of this new device, including sagittal alignment from 1 to 3 vertebral body levels and excellent curvature-matching with their Falcon™ and Ambassador™ anterior cervical plates. Trials were conducted in collaboration with ChoiceSpine surgeon Dr. Joe Ordonez from Norfolk, VA, and Hawkeye TI was enhanced to perfection as a result.

“It was fun designing something with so much freedom due to the manufacturing process,” said David Hannah when asked about the process behind Hawkeye TI’s design. “Having an excited surgeon to collaborate with also helped the process a lot,” he added.

When asked if there was anything else he’d like to mention about the device, his response was short, sweet, and to the point: “It’s absolutely incredible.”

Hawkeye TI Educational Resources

Along with this device comes the resources needed for surgeons to properly implement the Hawkeye TI and keep their patients safe. Choose Hawkeye TI and receive a surgical technical guide, online training from ChoiceSpine University, and on-call engineering support when and where you need it. Distributors of ChoiceSpine products will also receive access to a sales slick that comprehensively covers all essential information needed for success with Hawkeye TI.

Visit to learn more about how the Hawkeye TI is changing the game (and improving lives) in cervical corpectomy cases.

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