The ChoiceSpine BLACKBIRD™ Spinal System is a posterior spinal fixation system composed of 3.5mm & 4.0mm polyaxial screw in 10-32mm increments as well as 4.5mm polyaxial screws in 18-32mm lengths. 3.5mm smooth shank polyaxial screws are also available. Standard rod options are 3.5mm straight, pre-bent, and transition. Connectors include Rod to Rod, Lateral Offset, and Rod Transition Connectors. Multiple Hook sizes are included.


  • Polyaxial Head: Non-biased 70° of conical angulation
  • Multiple Screw Options: 3 diameters; fully threaded and smooth shank
  • Dovetail Set Screw: Minimized head splaying and cross-threading
  • Variety of Connectors: Allows for variations in anatomy and technique

Product Details


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