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Stratofuse & Stratogen Like the Stratotanker that fuels our military aircraft, the STRATOFUSETM line will fuel fusion in orthopaedic procedures and the STRATOGENTM line will fuel wound healing for procedures throughout the body. This comprehensive portfolio covers a wide range of Biologics that are designed to provide optimal patient outcome. The STRATOFUSETM line incorporates human tissues like demineralized bone matrix putties, cancellous sponges, structural allograft, chips, and matchsticks, and bone graft substitutes like synthetic hydroxyapatite/beta-tricalcium phosphate granules blended into collagen strips and putties with a bioactive glass putty option. STRATOGENTM products include amniotic membrane and fluid offerings. All of ChoiceSpine’s biologics products and tissue forms are offered in a variety of sizes to suit a wide breadth of surgical applications.

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